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The votes are cast and the results are in! Welcome to the website that tells you which casino game is the hottest right now. Once you choose an online casino to play at the next step is to decide on a game to play. This isn't always easy as some casinos have hundreds of games available. We make this choice just a little bit easier for you by letting you know the games of choice for gamblers at the moment. Voted by experienced players and beginners, you are guaranteed quality gaming recommendations without the hassle of shopping around. So if you've played any of these casino games vote now and tell us which one you enjoyed the most. We also provide the latest casino games news and more at, so be sure to check back in soon!

Casino Games - which ones are more popular online?

Betting and gambling have been around in some form for as long as the human race has existed. So many people lose their life's earnings through gambling, but so many win. And it is that desire to win and win big, that propels people on to online casinos. Online casinos like Zodiac Casino are now considered as a learning arena by many. People choose to hone their skills from the comforts of their home away from distractions, loud and intoxicated people, judgment and jeers when losing. So which are the most popular online games today? Tastes and interests vary from person to person and time to time. Some games become popular suddenly and then, just as suddenly, fade into oblivion. But some casino games remain eternal favorites.


online casino slots

Simple and easy to learn and play, slots remain the most popular for most online gamblers. There are literally millions of websites out there that serve you the best online slots on a silver plate! Just check out to find a variety of online slots reviewed that will blow your socks off! Slot machines are ultimate chance game; which requires no skills, is also popular since it is not played against anyone else. If you lose, you lose to a machine, not to another player. And always, there is the hope of hitting a Jackpot which brings the ultimate adrenaline rush and flow of endorphins. Who does not want the thrill of winning big? Everyone knows someone who knew nothing about gambling, but won at a slot machine.


poker cards

Poker is even more popular online than it is at casinos. The reason is the variety of games that you can play online versus the few at real casinos. It is an endorsement to its popularity that you can always find an online poker game, at any time of the day. People are playing the game, discussing it via chats and message boards and trying to improve their game. Detailed playing instructions and strategies are available which can help improve your odds.

Blackjack, Roulette, and other table games

Yes, poker comes under this, but its popularity gave it its own category. Baccarat, craps, keno etc. are other popular table games played online. All the popular casino games from the Las Vegas strip have equivalents in the cyber world, giving you every chance to indulge in your favorite passion. Many online casinos even offer you the chance to try them for free with free spins or no deposit offers, and we strongly recommend trying those before you commit to deposit anything. On you can find no deposit and free spins casinos that get you started with the lowest risk on your side.


Learning to play these games properly can increase your chances to win and when playing online, it is easier to learn. For one, you are in your own territory, free from external influences and disturbances. Also, you can keep game strategies close at hand, to be referenced while playing. Another great thing about online gambling is that you can download practice games which you can play for free before trying your luck in the real gambling world. Online games are offered in a very wide variety and can be highly addictive, so it is extremely important to set limits on your time and money. If you want to read more about online casino games, just check in at They offer the latest games reviews and you can stay on top of things! Gambling, within limits, is a natural stress reliever and can be helpful to keep those brain cells working. And can there be an easier way to do it than online casinos? You do not spend a cent in travel or other expenses!

Live Dealer with Online Casinos

Although it plays on an entirely different medium, Live Dealer with Online Casinos plays just like an actual roulette game in a casino. That it is played online, with the dealer and the wheel seen through webcam, does not hinder its gameplay. Therefore, it is safe to say that the tactics used in a traditional roulette game will definitely work on a live dealer online roulette game. Of course, these live dealer online roulette tactics are not tactics or strategies in the traditional sense, since live dealer online roulette (like its brick and mortar counterpart) is a game of luck rather than a game of skill (skill-based casino games include Poker and Rummy, for instance). Should you want to check some of these games, we recommend you to quickly check Nonetheless, these live dealer online roulette tactics are integral to the game as it adds different layers and dimensions to the game.

Many veteran roulette players say that gamers who are about to start playing Live Dealer with Online Casinos should first bid low. This is regardless of the mind frame of the player, whether he plans to bet big in the long run or not. The key to winning big in live dealer online roulette games in by making sure ones monetary limit is stretched as long as possible. Also, this ensures that the player's money is not spent during the earlier parts of the live dealer online roulette game. If the player cannot win even until the very last moments of his game, at least he was able to have fun for a longer period of time. Find the latest live dealer games and visit, you won't be disappointed.

Players of live dealer online roulette should also remember that changing numbers can reduce one's chances of winning. Many people fail to realize the odds at stake here, mainly because several choices are involved. For instance, a player betting on a single number in a turn has a 37 is to one chance of winning. According to a popular tactic in roulette (which is also applicable in live dealer online roulette), a player has 60 per cent chance of winning if he bets on a single number for 37 turns. Obviously, the percentage is halved if the player bets on two single numbers and is further reduced when the players bet on more individual numbers. It is best to switch numbers once that particular number has won, or after the players, self-allotted loss limit has been used up. For a better understanding and should you want to try a live dealer, check out canadiangamblingchoice as you may really enjoy the games available with the online casinos.

Also, many players especially the beginners are easily swayed by the bets of their co-players. Needless to say, players should only focus on their game alone, without minding the game of the other players. Live dealer online roulette can be considered as a group game since more than one person is participating in the same live dealer online roulette session. However, the game of others will not affect individuals own game. Most live dealer online roulette games do not impose limits on the bet placed on a particular number. Furthermore, most live dealer online roulette games allow players to bet on a particular number for as long as possible.

In the end, it is all about safe plays and strategic betting. Nonetheless, players can also play depending on what they feel. This also makes Live Dealer with Online Casinos games more fun and exciting.

3 Popular Slot Games You Have Not Tried...And Need to try!

Today, many individuals need to go in for the Slots Games. In any case, if you are not sufficiently watchful, you may wind up setting off to a site that isn't especially popular in these games and may even wind up in you paying and play the games if you need to have a fabulous time. Unquestionably, this is something that you would ideally need to watch out for and be vigilant for. Have you tried these popular slot games?

1. Immortal Romance

Immortal Romance is a video slot fueled by the product supplier Microgaming. The plot depends to a great extent on sci-fi and the faction of vampires, which turned out to be excessively famous as of late. The slot machine has astounding illustrations, special liveliness and I have 5 reels and 243 pay lines. You can circumvent these reels for the sake of entertainment, or at any genuine Microgaming casino.

2. Casino Rewards Millionaires Club

This slot machine is the first Millionaire Club in the set of three and is one of the main slots that has generated two games as a result of a name and similar theme. The initial slot of the Millionaires club is a great scoundrel in the style of Las Vegas, so, by definition, it does not present complications, with only 3 reels and 1 pay line. However, not at all like the lion's share of the 3-reel slot games, Millionaires Club really offers a reward game and a dynamic bonanza, which could make you qualify to join this club with advantages. Symbols incorporate items linked with a wealthy lifestyle like a Gold Ring, Watch, Cash, Sports Car, Lucky Horseshoe, Diamonds, Sail Boats the Millionaires-Club-Logo, that triggers the Bonus Game, your means to the growing jackpot. We tried this game when we visited another great site and registered with yukon gold casino, it may be worth for you to check!

3. Empire Diamond

There are two sorts of 3 reel slots: the one that likes the new age of exemplary games with a considerable measure of highlights. And after that, there are the great slots that are really exemplary slots: 3 reels, organic products, pearls, bars and some straightforward winning symbols. The precious stone jokers come stacked 2 high and accompany a 2x multiplier. On the off chance that you get 2 trump cards, that multiplier increments to 4x, which you'll be straightforward.The 3 genuine triumphs of a symbol here are truly lousy. Without those multipliers, getting more than around 5x or 7x your wager is fundamentally incomprehensible. Despite the fact that the greatest triumphs of this exemplary Diamond Empire slots will without a doubt accompany the wheel of fortune game, in which you can win up to 888x your wager. It's anything but a terrible sum. This game was initially released by a german site;, well known for its 2017, 2018 and 2019 top list of the best online casinos and games.

If you have not given the above three a try, then its time for you to start. Also, keep on the lookout to ensure that you are not missing out on any other better kinds of Slots Games and check yukon-goldcasino and stay tuned on the best slot games!

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